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After-Hours Program

In order to cater to parents’ busy schedules and to provide children with extra learning opportunities we offer after-hours program options for nursery and non-nursery children.


A daily after-hours program from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. which provides children with extra time to play sports or engage in arts and crafts.


Extracurricular activities offered once per week from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Children are welcome to sign up for as many extracurricular activities they want as long as they do not conflict with each other schedule-wise.
Extracurricular activities begin October 15th and run until June 1st
and are dependent on the number of children enrolled.

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for nursery and non-nursery children

Ciella does not stop calling Jocelyne and Amal in the morning. Thank you for these four months. Ciella was really very happy to be here, she lived a particular experience and has adapted quickly thanks to the CM team and to your professionalism! Congratulations!

Safety & Health

Keeping children safe and comfortable is our utmost concern among all staff at Claire Maassab Nursery. As such, our nursery is secured with CCTV surveillance cameras, which surround the main nursery gateways. Also, assigned staff members are dispersed throughout the nursery area, prohibiting access into the nursery unless they are authorized. 

To protect children’s health and ensure their wellbeing, we offer additional health and accident insurance for every student enrolled at our nursery and have emergency contingency plans in place should a child have an accident while at the nursery.

There is also a full-time nurse on our team to take care of any minor incidents that occur at the nursery and to ensure all children’s health. Our nursery staff team also includes a psychologist, speech therapist, and psychomotor therapist.


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KEY Nursery has become my son's second family; the whole team is loving, caring, and work in a very professional way. We go to work knowing our son is in a home.


Seasonal camps are part of the value-adding services that our nursery provides. These camps aim to further develop children’s motor and team-building skills. Many educational and entertaining activities such as arts and crafts, puppet shows, storytelling, painting, cooking sessions, and outdoor play are sure to engage all children within an innovative and stimulating program.


Our seasonal camps are open to nursery and non-nursery children, for an average period of ten days, at the end of each term. Children are enrolled between the ages of 2 months to 6 years.


Check our calendar for our seasonal camps' exact dates.


Spring Camp

The camp program features many fun and educational activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, egg coloring, outdoor play, storytelling and much more.


Summer Camp

The camp features a range of fun and educational activities such as swimming, outdoor play, arts and crafts, cooking sessions and much more.


Winter Camp

The camp program features many festive, educational activities such as handcrafts, cooking, face painting, outdoor play, costume dress up and much more.


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for nursery and non-nursery children

We aim to develop happy, well-adjusted children who grow into confident citizens of tomorrow


Because a healthy body is as important as a healthy mind, we ensure that children receive nutritious and healthy food at our nursery. These meals are planned with children’s nutrition in mind by a certified nutritionist and consist of fresh vegetables and fruit and are complete and balanced. Our meals also accommodate to children who have food allergies or dietary needs.

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Dear Claire Maassab Team, Thank you for all the hard work you do on a daily basis. Adam is very happy, and we are too. We really appreciate the effort, care, and love you give all the children.

Social Responsibility


With social responsibility as a core value at our nursery and among all staff, we instill the importance of community and the spirit of giving back in all our nursery children. 

By participating in community events such as marathons and fun runs and organizing our own community events and activities we ensure that our children understand their social responsibility. Through these community service efforts our children are provided opportunities for personal, social, and intellectual growth and ultimately a lifelong commitment to giving back to others. 

On a nursery level, our social commitment involves supporting charities or causes on a semester basis whereby our staff offer complimentary teaching sessions at the organization’s location throughout the semester. 

We recognize every young child's potential and ability to learn


To better serve our children and ensure their safe pick up and drop off at the nursery, we offer an optional bus service. Our service operates throughout Beirut and Greater Beirut and includes routes that cover Achrafieh, Sodeco, Badaro, Sin El Fil, Horch Tabet, Ain El Remmaneh, Hazmieh, Baabda, Zaitunay Bay, and Downtown.

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